Farmer's Market Goodies

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Watercolor on paper
16" x 12"

I finally got a chance to finish this painting from the summer. It is another still life from the Chelmsford farmer's market. Always wanted to paint glass objects, so here is the result!

Jars of good wishes for my friends - reach in and take whatever u need.....
1 jar for happiness
1 jar for good health
1 jar for world peace
1 jar for good fortune
and a plate full of joy!

Happy New Year!
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  1. This is a wow Priti. You did great with the glass! And I love the whole concept - all the jars of good & happiness. Very uplifting painting.

  2. Thanks Nancie! Love your comments!

  3. I'm so glad you re-connected with me Priti - I've missed your work and will be back regularly from now on. Knowing the difficulty with watercolour - this is amazing!

  4. Thanks Liz, i love your work!