Winter Roses

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watercolor on paper
16" x 20"

I painted these from a bouquet of flowers a friend gave me a few days ago. It is Christmas time, so i am going to turn this into a Christmas/ New Year card and use it to wish all my online friends happy days ahead.
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  1. Gorgeous color. Your work always has such vibrant color, love it. Wishing you a very happy holiday too Priti.

  2. The pink is gorgeous and the background so warm for the winter, lovely card Priti, Happy holidays and a new year!

  3. Thanks Nancie and Padmaja. Hope you both get a chance to see the card i made out of the painting.

  4. Hi Priti. I only came across this today while I was looking at some images to make my husband a Christmas card. I think this is beautiful and will be following you on Facebook. I'm sure this painting has already been sold, but just in case it hasn't, could you let me know the price please?

  5. Dear Sue, Thank you for your interest in this painting. This painting is sold, however i can paint another similar watercolor painting for you. Also want to mention that i messaged you on facebook.