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24" x 24" gallery wrapped canvas
Acrylic on canvas
Original colorful, abstract painting. I thought this painting looked like waterlilies abstracted however, a friend saw this and said, "I don't see waterlilies, but i do think you were having a party in your head when you did it!!"So i decided to use her words as the title of this painting. I think maybe the party is a celebration with flowers, balloons and streamers. #abstractpainting, #originalart, #artforsale.

detail view

10" x10" Framed size

 mixed media


" A simple line painted with a brush can lead to freedom and happiness" - Joan Miro

It is important to savour the delicious feeling of putting down our marks and brush strokes.
Creativity is a gift it is important we look for opportunities for play and exploring without judgement.

This small mixed media painting inspired by the beautiful colors of fall in New England, by the colors I see outside my window. Corn, carrots, daffodils, and buttercups.


18"x 24" 

Mixed media on wooden board 


If you want to make a white painting start with a lot of colors !! Once all those endless shapes, squiggles, and marks make no sense at all begin to shape your true vision of deciding what to keep and what to leave out. This push and pull is what created this abstract painting. I am very happy with the results so named it Euphoria

Framed size 21" x 15"
Price $ 375
Mixed media on paper
Always wanted to paint an abstract with a lot of ‘elegant’ scribbles and shapes in the right place. This process involved the push and pull of deciding what to leave and what to cover up working intuitively to bring out authentic emotions. Painting with acrylic paint and incorporating collage, paint pens, colored pencil, and other mark making tools. I hope this painting connects with people at a deeper level as it did with me.
Strung Together Mixed media on board $250 - Framed This contemporary painting explores the idea of finding space. Busy or active paintings need a rest area for your eyes to relax. The quiet space provides a sense of quiet balence. The bold shapes (in this case the red shape)energize the painting! This painting would look beautiful in a study, office or a zen space.
12" x 12" mixed media on board $250 I love the beautiful colors and shapes of old bottles, they make excellent still life subjects. Ofcourse these bottles are imaginary and have more to do with the artistic creation of a still life painting than with any original antique bottle. The accidental resemblance is purely coincidental! lol! The blue/green and red/orange complimentary color scheme pull your eye into the painting and the gental translucent layers provide relaxation to hold your attention. The title "Bottled Up" is a reaction to the current pandameic situation. Stay Happy! stay Healthy! and stay at home!


King of Hearts

10' x10" Framed size

mixed media on wooden board

$300 for the set

The King and Queen of Hearts. 

I have always wanted to paint the characters in a cards deck.

Disney characters, comic characters, Alice in Wonderland characters so here is a small 6”x6” painting of the King and Queen of Hearts. This is intended to be a fun set and would be a cool feature in any room. It is mixed media on wooden board. Original artwork.

Makes an excellent gift for fans of pop culture, poker players, romantic couples bedroom decor.


 10" x10" Framed size

 mixed media


Abstract art is " art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect." Wassily Kandinsky.

This abstract painting can also be appreciated in terms of all the individual, visual elements of art: color, shape, line, texture, space, value, etc. It uses colors and textures to their best visual strength to create a sound composition from these elements.







12" x 12" 

Mixed media on cradled board


This expressive, abstract rendering of small parts of the Acton Arboretum makes use highly energetic paint handling, mark making and melodic lines to create a piece with lots of visual impact. The composition is based on a series of overlapping squares,in an attempt to create a myriad of combinations of color, line and texture."

Most of the color was applied with fairly wide, flat brushes, enabling the freshness and spontaneity to remain evident. Small drawings of bugs and flowers give the viewer a feeling of looking through small snippets of time spent in the arboretum. A cool palette of blues, greens and teal is balanced with warmer reds and yellows. 

The sides of the cradled board are painted white. It is ready to hang in your space!!!







 18" x 24"

mixed media on paper


“Flowers, Wine and Fruit.” is a large abstract mixed media painting.
Colorful, collectable and contemporary, original still life painting on  paper direct from the artist. 

This painting focuses on the rich texture of patterns enveloped within a still life. Color and line relationships are explored through an arrangement of fruits, flowers and vessels.

The painting is abstract in nature with the shapes taking on a somewhat flattened appearance which renders them to be more like puzzle pieces with in a whole. This is another theme within my work that I continue to explore. The colors are vibrant and the artwork contains visible brushwork and texture. 

Autumnal Bouquet II


Black and white Autumnal Bouquet

In a setting

Mixed Media on paper

18" x 24" on paper

23" x29" Framed size


Beautiful mixed media floral abstract still life. Although now almost completely abstracted the idea came from Van Gogh's sunflower paintings. It includes lots of mixed media textures, lines, drips, splashes and mark making.


Small mixed media on wood board

6" x 6"


This painting is a small study for a larger painting. Hope you guessed Andy is Andy Warhol. 

"Warhol’s 1964 series Flowers, however, is a refreshing and surprising departure from the artists’ initial themes of pop culture and commercialism, and every spring, critics are reminded of the influence that his nature-focused work continues to have on the art world."




Mixed media on paper



This painting reminds me of Fall/ Autumn colors. Autumn is a wonderful time in New England when the green color on leaves of trees and shrubs change to various shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. This mixed media still life painting is an ode to the season.


Mixed media on paper



This painting has a playful and childlike feeling. The beauty is in the details. Eg. did you notice the line going from A to Z. Many fun accent shapes to see as well, The colors are kept almost neutral so you can enjoy the details.

 Mixed media on paper



“Overlay” This painting is about working in an abstract way with playful geometric shapes and building up layers to conceal and reveal the layers below.