Abstraction I and II

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Abstraction II

Abstraction I
18" x 24" each
22" x 28" framed size each
$700 each

Recently i took a class to study the abstract work of Richard Diebenkorn, mainly his Ocean Park series. He lived in Berkeley, California, from 1955 to 1966.
From Wikipedia -
"The Henri Matisse paintings French Window at Collioure, and View of Notre-Dame[8] both from 1914 exerted tremendous influence on Richard Diebenkorn's Ocean Park paintings. According to art historian Jane Livingston, Diebenkorn saw both Matisse paintings in an exhibition in Los Angeles in 1966 and they had an enormous impact on him and his work.[9] Livingston says about the January 1966 Matisse exhibition that Diebenkorn saw in Los Angeles:
It is difficult not to ascribe enormous weight to this experience for the direction his work took from that time on. Two pictures he saw there reverberate in almost every Ocean Park canvas. View of Notre Dame and French Window at Collioure, both painted in 1914, were on view for the first time in the US.[9]"

These paintings are based on his grid method. His grid was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence.The colors i used remind the viewer of the iconic images of beautiful stain glass windows, colorful tapestries or mosaics.

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