Along the River SOLD

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along the river
Acrylic on canvas
12" x 24"
$375( without frame)

This painting is more of an abstract idea inspired by the Shawsheen river. I enjoyed painting this one, might paint a few more abstracts.

This painting (2 out of 3 submitted) has been accepted into the Shawsheen River arts show at the Andover Historical  Society. September 10th - December 22nd 2016
Note from Elaine Clements of the Historical Society
"Dear Priti,
Thank you for submitting your artwork for the Shawsheen River Arts exhibition. 28 artists submitted over 50 works, each reflecting a different aspect of the Shawsheen River. The jury has convened and made their selections. 24 works were selected for the exhibition.
The jury selected two of your pieces, Along the River and River Walk, for the show.

SOLD at the Andover Historical Society 's Shawsheen River Exhibit. Yay😀

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