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Peacock, by Priti Lathia, is among four paintings which Dr. Meeta Nguyen of the health center purchased through ArtUp in honor or memory of loved ones. It hangs in Adult Medicine.

ArtUp: A Fitting  Way to Honor those You Love
Through ArtUp, Dr. Meeta Nyugen, donated Cleansing, by Priti Lathia , in honor of her mother. "The elephant is a symbol of strength in Indian art," says Dr.Nyugen. "This seemed a fitting tribute to my mother." It hangs in the Pediatrics Department.
        Through ArtUp, Dr. Meeta Nyugen, who recently joined the Health Center's Adult Medicine practice, found the perfect way to honor some of those she loves the most.
       "My sister, Geeta Shah, died at age 33 of breast cancer," says Dr. Nguyen. "She was an architect and an accomplished artist who started painting at a young age."
   Geeta had taught one of Dr. Nguyen's sons to paint, starting with peacock feathers. When she came across a painting of a peacock by local artist Priti Lathia, in the ArtUp catalogue, something clicked. ArtUp would provide a fitting tribute to her sister.
     "I started thinking about those I love very much. My mother is still here. My children are here. I wanted to honor them. And how perfect is it that I can honor my family members and donate to the health center at the same time?"
ArtUp is a unique program to create a permanent collection of work by local artists for display at Lowell Community Health Center. Patrons may purchase artwork through to donate to the health center.
H alf of the purchase price supports our WrapAround Fund, which pays for services that aren't covered by insurance, like medical interpreters or making sure patients have food on the table and a roof over their heads. The rest goes to pay the artist.
     In all, Dr. Nguyen purchased four paintings: In memory of her sister, Priti Lathia's Peacock and Cleansing, the latter of an elephant, a symbol of strength; Blue Iris, by Vanny Sok, a bold and vibrant piece to honor her mother; and Marginal Way, by David Drinon. The setting, Ogunquit, ME, recalled many  happy family trips to the beach.
Now, she adds , "I probably should select something to honor my husband and my father!"

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