Making Silk Scarves SOLD

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100% Silk Scarves
15" x 60"
$30 each

Spent New Year's day making hand painted silk scarves. They will be available for sale at the upcoming Spring floral Show at the CCA.
Hand painted silk scarves are the perfect accessories for spring. They are light, versatile, and add a splash of color to your wardrobe.They also make beautiful gifts, each scarf is like a piece of jewelery.
I wanted the scarves to be soft and free flowing based on a feeling of water, space and flower gardens. So instead of the traditional gutta resist technique, I made my scarves using a "modern" version of the ancient silk dying Shibori technique.  
Shibori (絞り染め Shiborizome?) is a Japanese term for several methods of cloth dyeing with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping. This method is also known as tie dye.
Once i laid out the basic design using Shibori i used other colors, floral designs and stamps to  further enhance the beauty of each individual scarf.

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