Classic Black Car SOLD

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Sahib, Bibi aur Guru Dutt
Large watercolor on paper
18" 24"

This painting was commissioned by Dr. Meena Sundarum for a musical fundraiser - Sahib, Bibi aur Guru Dutt.The fundraiser is for Snehalaya featured on Amir Khan productions Satyamev Jayate.The musical is the story of legendary film actor Guru Dutt, his movies, his illustrious career, his life with unforgettable scenes and melodies from his films

The painting is based on the film Aar Paar, where the actor meets his love interest while she is working on her car and holding the tools shown in the painting. the classic black car is featured through out the movie  as the actor works as a mechanic and a taxi driver in a garage owned by his girlfriend's father. The movie can be seen here -

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