Chelmsford Town Hall

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11" x14"
watercolor and pen and ink

Did this painting as an upcoming challenge by the Chelmsford Art Society to paint the old town hall as it is being converted into an art center.
The original photo that i used as a source for this painting can be found on the Chelmsford Historical Society's photo print collection page
Fred Merriam, of the historical society sent me a copy of the photo at my request.
The building has a lot of historical significance. Before it became an Art Center it was the Town Hall and even before that i think it was a school.
In 1905, the building celebrated it's 250th anniversary as Town Hall . Here is a link to the original photo -
Download bbh716.jpg (1018.5 KB)

Here is a link to a Sun article regarding the opening and dedication to the new Art Center- /2012/04/14/calling-all-artists/

This painting inspired an article in the paper by Sun correspondent Nancy Tuttle
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  1. This is amazing :)