Male - watercolor study for DSDF challenge

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Watercolor on paper
10" x 8"

This painting is done for the DSDF challenge. Thanks to Karin Jurick's encouragement, i got a chance to paint people and enjoyed doing it.
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  1. Priti, I love your color use in all of your paintings especially the way you use blues.I think your painting "essence of rose" is exceptional it's texture and color really brings it to life.Joe

  2. Priti, I think you have a wonderful interpretation of the challenge.

    At first, I thought it was a BORING challenge, but made myself do it. Now I think it was an excellent challenge.

  3. Thank you Karen- i understand how you feel. i might go back and do the whole person sometime also.

  4. very nice. I may try one of those projects, soon. And thank you for comments on my Koi.

  5. Thanks Mark, you must try them they are a lot of fun.