Madhubani/Mithala Painting

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Flower motif

Ganesh- Elephant God

Leaf motif
watercolor, mixed media and maker on watercolor paper.
Just studies so NFS

Lately i have been enjoying the ancient folk art of Madhubani painting.Madhubani - I enjoy painting a mixed version,  the motifs are Indian/ethnic but the overall design sensibility is Western/ modern.
I think it is weird/ interesting like that because of my training in both styles.

 Mithila Painting (also called Madhubani art or Mithila painting)originated in the Mithala region of Bihar in India. Madhubani art has five distinctive styles, namely, Bharni, Katchni, Tantrik, godna and kohbar.

Characterized by catchy geometric patterns and religious motifs, Madhubani (Mithila) style of painting is soaked in mythology and romance.The myth is that, once upon a time there was a great King Janak of Mithla who was getting his beautiful daughter Sita married to Lord Ram. He asked the people of his kingdom to decorate their homes (walls and floors) with colorful designs that create a feeling of walking in a garden (Madhuban) to celebrate the marriage. 
 Madhubani is different from other forms of painting in many ways. The figures are two-dimensional in nature. The features usually include sharp noses with bulging eyes. Double lines are used to draw figures, flora and fauna. Also, the designs are filled with intricate lines and no shading is required. There is an extensive use of geometric designs. Typically, no empty spaces are left in this style and are usually filled with leaves and flowers. 

Traditionally natural dyes made at home, like red, green, orange, yellow, blue, brown and black were used. Today artists also use modern colors.
Some  Madhubani artist i like are  -
Bharti Dayal -
Malvika Raj -  beautiful paintings depicting the life of Buddha
Gauri Mishra -
Vidushini Prasad - paints simple motifs for use on everyday household items 
Manisha Jha -

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