Waiting For Fall Colors

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Waiting For Fall Colors
oil on canvasboard
12" x 16"
$250 framed

Orange, yellow, gold, red these are the vibrant colors of trees in New England during the Fall Season.
Artists wait eagerly for this season to paint nature. This painting is inspired by that thought.
The dramatic New England fall foliage starts in the northern New England states (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire) typically in late September and moves down to the southern New England states (Connecticut, Massachusetts Rhode Island) around late October.

"To convey the intensity of the maple leaves the artist uses pure colors. You can make a wide variety of oranges by mixing cadmium yellows, from lemon to yellow deep, with the cadmium reds. If it is too gaudy reduce the chromatic value by using the less severe earth colors, yellow ochre, terra rosa, siennas and umbers. " Thomas Torak http://dammiicolori.blogspot.com/

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