Summer Lilac

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Summer Lilacs
16" x 12"
watercolor on paper

My neighbor across the street has this beautiful Lilac bush that is filled with irresistible blossoms so one day i went over and took some photos. This painting is done from  those photos.
The lilac is a very popular ornamental plant in home gardens and parks, because of its attractive, sweet-smelling flowers, which appear in early summer just before many of the the roses and other summer flowers come into bloom. On Lilac Sunday, garden enthusiasts from all over New England gather at the  Arnold Arboretum to picnic and tour their lilac collection. This beloved Boston tradition celebrates the lilacs as well as many other special collections at their peak at this lovely time of year.

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  1. Love that purple! And I have lllacs in the yard & love their sweet smell this time of year! You captured these wonderful flowers beautifully.

  2. Thanks Nan, you are always so kind with your comments.