Fall tree- plein air

By | 12:11 PM 4 comments
14" x 11"
oil on canvasboard

This beautiful tree grows right outside my front door, so i stood near my front door and painted this as the sun was going down. The leaves are almost ready to fall off, some were already on the ground- this tree goes through a lot of changes throughout the year, maybe i should paint it in every season! that would be an interesting experiment!
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  1. That would be a wonderful experience to paint the same tree in the different seasons.. this is awesome Priti! The colors are so much in balance!

  2. Thanks Padmaja, it was fun to paint.

  3. beautiful, I would love to see this tree in all 4 seasons. what a great collage it would make.

  4. Thank you Sue, great suggestion, i will do it!