Experiental- broken color

By | 3:37 PM 3 comments
oil on canvasboard
7" x 5"

I have been reading a lot these days about broken color and how it makes a painting more exciting - something to do with the way light bounces off the broken lines of color. This is an experimental painting and i need your opinion. It is the same painting as the previous one but does it look "more exciting"? I think it does but do you feel the same way? Thanks for looking and leaving feedback.
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  1. Priti - I agree with you, this does look more exciting. The addition of the blue for shadows plus the background tones adds more interest, I think. The strokes add more energy to the painting. The original one is good, it's just a bit more sedate. Interesting how the same scene can be made to look either energetic or calm - depending on the colors & strokes.

  2. Yes.. It does look great and more exciting.. Good work..

  3. Thank you Nancie and Prabal for all the encouraging words.